Graphic Design & Art Direction

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On February of 2015, Method hosted a workshop for the IxDA15, at Method San Francisco, we designed, developed and manufactured a tool that creates languages and removes the noise of interactions for non-screen based objects. We realized in the environment of IoT and devices without screens, we’ve lost empathy and emotion as tools for design. We approached the design with an understanding that the focus should fall on the results rather than on the form factor. Henri needed to be a well designed, non-distracting form that showcased the team’s work. The behaviors being tested needed to be fun and instantaneously rewarding. The team accomplished this by using light, sound, color, rotation, and pulse to engage several senses simultaneously.

Agency: Method
Creative Direction: Áthila Armstrong
Interaction Design Director: Garrett Groszko
Design Technologist: Tim Meador
Interaction Designer: Melissa Martin, Ian Bach, Daniel Nacamulli
Industrial Design: Flavio Carvalho
Graphic Design: Flavio Carvalho, Joanne Ong