Graphic Design & Art Direction

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Moasis is a start-up headquartered in San Francisco with patented technology for a tool that has redefined how businesses reach mobile consumers. The biggest challenge for this project is that this current industry—mobile advertising—is very active with a lot of people making broad claims about their capabilities. Brand and service language used by Moasis has quickly been adopted by competitors, blocking Moasis from true differentiation in the market, at Method we created a Visual Identity and positioning that set Moasis apart from the competition.

Agency: Method / 2015
Creative Direction: Áthila Armstrong, Flavio Carvalho, Ryan Lee
Strategy: Patrick Newbery
Design Technologist: Tim Meador
Interaction Designer: Shivanjali Tomar
Design and Art Direction: Flavio Carvalho
Graphic Design: Joanne Ong
Client Services: Adriana Fracchia

1 — Squares on magnetic fields grid.
2 — Hexagon on magnetic fields grid.
Processing App — Simulate and download as vector files.